FiDiPro - Funding programme for top researchers in science and technology

FiDiPro – the Finland Distinguished Professor Programme has enabled distinguished researchers, both international and expatriates to work and team up with the ‘best of the best’ in Finnish academic research.

Led and financed by the Academy of Finland and Tekes – the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation, FiDiPro has provided competitive grants to projects recruiting highly merited scientists, who are able to commit to long-term cooperation with a Finnish university or research institute.

FiDiPro funding has been available since 2006, and the first professors to benefit under the programme came to Finland in 2007.

The programme was evaluated in 2014. More information about the impact of the programme is available from the report “Evaluation of Finland Distinguished Professor (FiDiPro) Programme, 5/2014” (pdf).


World-class radar technology developed in Finland


Prof. Chandrasekar focuses on development of new ground and space based environmental monitoring methods and technologies.

One of the main objectives of the research project is to establish a world-class radar technology and application group in Finland.

Identifying novel genes involved in immune response


Infectious diseases are still the leading cause of death among young children worldwide, and the malfunctioning immune system can cause severe damage to the target tissue. Therefore it is necessary to develop new innovative ways to study immune response.

The specific aim of FiDiPro Dan Hultmark’s research project is to identify new genes involved in innate immune signaling. Prof. Hultmark is currently working in the Institute of Medical Technology in Tampere. Recently, Hultmark has in his studies focused on the cell-based immune response and described signaling pathways that activate hemocytes.

How to make software development process more predictable


FiDiPro Professor Natalia Juristo moved from Spain to Oulu, Northern Finland to lead a research project to gather knowledge about the behavior of software technologies in different environments.

This project will help companies to achieve operational excellence and transparency in their software development. Participating companies will learn more about the variables influencing their software development process so they will be able to control the identified variables to improve their process and make them more predictable.

Looking for biochemical clues


FiDiPro Professor David Goodlett’s research work aims at generating and analyzing data for two different biomedical problems: type 1 diabetes (T1DB) and ovarian cancer (OC).

Both the T1DB and OC projects are looking for protein biomarkers in serum that indicate presence of or predilection to develop disease.

Towards a targeted drug for diabetes


The ambitious goal of research combining diabetes and genetics is to discover the cause of, and targeted care for, type 2 diabetes.

One prerequisite for better care of diabetes is a clearer understanding of the associated spectrum of diseases.

A research project started early this year aims to identify the role of heredity in type 2 diabetes. Funded by the Academy of Finland, this five-year project is led by FiDiPro Professor Leif Groop, Head of the Lund University Diabetes Centre in Sweden and one of the world’s best known diabetes researchers.

State-of-the-art genetic methods … Read more

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